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The NEW Dream Detangler MINI

A compact all in one brush which does what it promises. Measuring just over 19cm in length, the NEW Dream Detangler Mini Brush has identical bristles and bristle pattern to the full size Dream Detangler, as well as the unique vented design.

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The Dream Detangler

The Original Pain-Free Dream Detangler by Tangled Kids Hair Care is changing the way families brush their hair, and making mornings a calmer and happier time again.

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Soy Candle Lavender + Honeysuckle

The self-care candle. This fragrance is set for pure relaxation. The lavender + honeysuckle candle is topped with dried lavender and amethyst crystal pieces, the perfect combination to calm and quiet the mind.

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Anxiety Blend Essential Oil

The ECO. Anxiety Blend by ECO. Modern Essentials has been specifically formulated with Sweet Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense essential oils, traditionally used in aromatherapy to help calm the mind, relax the body and increase vitality. 

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Relaxation Bath Soak

The Relaxation Bath Soak by The Salt Box with aromatic Essential Oils is rich in magnesium to help you unwind, relax and de-stress after a busy day.

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Customer Reviews

Fantastic customer service, great prices and brilliant quality. Our mornings went from stressed to bliss over night

Hayley M.

The detangling brush is absolutely amazing. My daughter used to hate getting her hair brushed. There would be tears, screaming and tantrums every morning, and that was just from me! Now we both love brushing her hair and she just sits there like an angel. I wish I'd found this brush earlier.

Jenelle D.

AMAZING hair brush thank you so much, my daughter normally hates having her hair brushed but this hairbrush is soooo good, no fuss to brush her hair

Bek J.

Wow! Yep the dream detangler lived up to its hype! My daughter has fine curly hair and is extremely sensitive to having her hair brushed (seriously; she once yelled ‘stop it you killing me!’ When I was brushing her hair and I was trying to being gentle!! we got the brush yesterday, I love it, she loves it! Her wild hair was tamed in 4 strokes. Very happy customer.

Amy B.

Magic hair brushes and quick delivery, Thank You

Keiko P.

Before now hair brushing has been a real issue in our household. The hairbrushes sold by Calm Ever After are a game changer and my girls now sit and enjoy having their hair done. The detangling spray is also lovely. Thank you for such wonderful products i would highly recommend you.

Gemma W.